Stop Sharia in America: Tell Leaders to Reintroduce H.R. 973

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Stop Sharia in America: Tell Leaders to Reintroduce H.R. 973

Congress must prohibit the use of foreign law in the United States court system. 

I know that Shariah Law in the United States is a matter of grave, public concern. 

In the 112th Congress there existed a bill that would've done this very thing: former House Resolution 973.

As the "Islamization" of America is taking place right now, I am messaging my Congressmen to ask them to reintroduce former Rep. Sandy Adams' H.R. 973 to keep foreign law out of American courts. 

The U.S Constitution must never be subverted by any foreign law!

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PEOPLE,PEOPLE PEOPLE WE NEED THIS STOPPED YESTERDAY!!! Do not let them take over our country!! Anytime one of these things happen they take over a little more!!! STOP IT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God help us all.
alllah is satan. both suck
Political correctness is handing our country over to foreign laws and foreign ideals...the very things that our soldiers have fought and died to keep out of this country for the last 200 or so years. We are blindly handing our freedoms and our country over. And in this case we are handing it over to a very barbaric culture...I never thought this country would be led by such a weak man...or a man who just doesn't care because he has hidden agendas.
Take your barbaric laws and barbaric behavior back to the desert. We in America are pretty tolerant. But I warn you not to confuse tolerance with weakness.
The world has destroyed more powerful POS than you could ever dream of. I hope to see the day when every single stinking islamic retard gets their wish and gets to meet their god.
stop trying to take over our country and store like Walmart and home depot need to need remember this is America .
Let's keep this a Christian country, please!! This country was founded on the principles of freedom of religion.
This will ruin America!!! Its what they want, they want to take over the world. STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING!!!
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