Tell Fox News: Bring Back 'Freedom Watch'

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Tell Fox News: Bring Back 'Freedom Watch'

The FOX Business Channel's program Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew P. Napolitano has been cancelled.

Napolitano is a leading voice for liberty today, and FOX Business' decision to cancel his program means that his message will have no representation on any major network.

"The whole thing is bizarre. Ratings for the show were good, compared to other programs on the network, so that wasn’t the issue. And the Judge wasn’t doing or saying anything they couldn’t have expected him to say. He was going after the libertarian demographic that has no home on any cable news network. So after having good ratings and grabbing precisely the demographic the network wanted him to, they cancel him? Not adding up." - New York Times best-selling author and senior fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Tom Woods

Please take action: Sign the petition and send your letters to Kevin Magee (Fox Executive VP) and Gena Dellaquila (assistant to Roger Ailes) c/o FOX News and demand they bring back Freedom Watch!

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I am disappointed in FOX, I thought they take the lead in honest and journalism, even and controversial news is even more important
I would like you to reinstate Freedom Watch with Judge A.P. Napolitano. He is a leading voice for liberty; a rationalist, a capable presenter who can connect issues to the law and Constitution. You have no one else who fills this role.
If ever we needed "Freedom Watch" and Judge Napolitano, it is NOW. Please bring him back!!
Hey, sometimes I wonder what they will do next. I miss the show, because I believe the Judge is an honorable man. I like to see shows where everybody is not lying.
What has happened to balance?
If Fox news wants to be a outlet for all conservative viewpoints then it must have the Judge voice the opinions of moderate conservative who believe in small government and personal liberty.
Stop censoring the news! Let us hear it like we want to hear it. Once again become "Fair & Balanced." First you can Hannity and move Greta to make room for a new "Star" and cite the young demographics, yet it is the older demographic that votes!!! So then you kill off the Judge? Get it right, FOX or you are just another MSNBC and CNN that is trying to play with the numbers. You HAD a working schedule and now you are approaching boredom.
Judge Andrew P. Napolitano President & Rand Paul Vice President ~ the ticket to take our country back!
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