Tell Congress: Reject ALL Federal Gun-Control Legislation!

Included in our Constitution, the Second Amendment provision to "keep and bear arms" was to ensure that the new American government could not disarm the people.

Our forefathers knew the importance of an armed citizenry as a check against big government and tyranny. They knew that in a free society individuals should always be at liberty to protect themselves, their families, and their property.

Those who were armed were not considered offensive, violent, or malevolent in any way -- in fact, early Americans considered defense to be a God-given right to secure households and keep evil at bay in society. Weapons were not held for aggression, but to resist aggression!

Right now there are a multitude of aggressors wanting to destroy the Second Amendment by banning certain weapons, limiting access to ammunition, and increasing the bureaucratic "paperwork" required to purchase guns.

The Reid Bill (S. 649) - would create universal background checks, gun-tracking via a gun registry, and mandatory mental-health screening. (Defeated, April 18!)

The Feinstein Ban -- prohibits over 150 gun models, including semi-automatic rifles, and shotguns and pistols. It also prohibits magazines that carry more than ten rounds, establishes background checks, and creates a national gun registry, among other things. Unlike her 1994 bill, the new ban does not include a sunset provision. (Retired, Replaced by Reid Bill.)

The Schumer Bill, like the Feinstein Bill, establishes universal background checks.

The Sanchez Bill, uniquely, establishes a tax on all "concealable" weapons and would use the revenue to fund gun buy-back programs.

Take Action! Send a message to your U.S. Representative and both of your U.S. Senators demanding that they oppose any and all forms of gun-control legislation and amendments to legislation!

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