RIGHTMARCH: Tell Congress to STOP Funding Abortion Providers

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RIGHTMARCH: Tell Congress to STOP Funding Abortion Providers

Did you know that HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of YOUR taxpayer dollars are being given away every single year… to the largest ABORTION PROVIDER in America?

YOU READ THAT RIGHT: over 500 million dollars -- OVER HALF A BILLION DOLLARS -- was funneled by the federal government last year, directly into the bank accounts of Planned Parenthood… giving them nearly HALF of the money they make in a single year!

WHY are we giving HALF A BILLION DOLLARS to ABORTIONISTS??? Our country should NOT be BORROWING MONEY to PAY FOR ABORTIONS! It’s time to END taxpayer funding of abortion -- NOW!

One of the greatest threats to women and young girls is the Obama Administration’s attempts to insert the federal government further into the role of promoting elective abortions with federal taxpayers’ money. One example is the treatment of Planned Parenthood, a political ally of the President and the largest provider of elective abortions in the country.

Planned Parenthood is a giant abortion chain, and it has received hundreds of millions of dollars in federal grants and reimbursements from the government. No one knows exactly how much we’ve wasted in supporting abortion businesses, but a 2010 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report showed hundreds of millions have been funneled to them. Planned Parenthood’s 2011-2012 Annual Report showed they received a record $542 million in total taxpayer funding in one year, making up 45% of their annual revenue.

Not only is Planned Parenthood getting richer by collecting public bailouts for abortion services, they’re also profiting off the taxpayer by making abortion services the core of their so-called “family planning support” -- they try to push abortions on women so they can make more money. To make matters even worse, these big abortion businesses have been found to be complicit in promoting sex-selection abortions, facilitating human trafficking, engaging in coercive behavior, and failing to maintain financial records in accordance with the law, just to name a few things!

Every time the States have tried to step in and stop taxpayer funding of abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood, the Obama regime leaps to their rescue, either funding them directly, or threatening to withhold all money from the States. In other words, Barack Obama takes up for his friends and says, “Over my dead body!”

That means it’s up to CONGRESS to finally put an end to this -- and there ARE enough numbers to do it, IF WE THE PEOPLE PUT PRESSURE ON THEM TO TAKE ACTION! 


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abortions are killing. Remember
killers answer to God.
If women choose to get abortions, please do. Just don't use my scratch.
Stop Obama Care, it will ruin not only our healthcare but our country.
This is NOT a Democrat or Republican issue; WE THE PEOPLE do NOT want this. Stop President Obama NOW.
And take away his funding for golf, family vacations and charge his mother in law rent for living with them in the White House.
Do not use my tax dollars to fund abortions. Remove Plan Parenthood's license to legally kill and murder children.
Pull the plug on PP and abortion. Taxpayers should not be forced to fund something they hate.