Updated: February 27, 2013

Nullify Federal Gun-Control

States must oppose all federal gun-control legislation and defend the People's right to "keep and bear arms" ...

The Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees Americans the uninfringeable right to “keep and bear arms.” In other words, the Second Amendment serves to block the federal government from “legally” taking away the People’s right to own weaponry.

America’s founders knew that arms were an essential part of liberty because they are basic tools of defense – defense of life, liberty, and property – needed to preserve a free society.

Today, Washington is manifesting what our forebears sought to prevent – a government big enough to disarm the people. Consider the Feinstein Weapons Ban, for example, and all of the other arms control bills sitting quietly in the dark. 

The good news is this: the Constitution stands to show that all of these federal efforts are completely unauthorized; that Washington has no actual authority to debar the individual’s right to own any gun of his choosing… ever.

Federal gun-control legislation – which stands in opposition to the Second Amendment – is actually not legitimate legislation whatsoever; in fact, it is what the Declaration of Independence refers to as “pretended legislation.”

It is time for state and commonwealth governments to oppose all such “pretended” legislation that would aim to limit or destroy the People’s Second Amendment.

Take Action and SEND A MESSAGE to YOUR STATE or COMMONWEALTH'S GOVERNMENT telling them to write and enact laws that would declare all future federal gun-control legislation to be “null and void.”

Find your state or commonwealth below, sign the petition, and send your letters now!

*Alaska, new Hampshire, and the District of Columbia do not have electronic forms. Please print the petition here, complete, and mail to your elected servants. 

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